PPE Every Homeowner Needs

At Pyramex, we supply safety equipment to distributors who serve workers in a variety of industries like oil & gas, construction, and warehousing. We also work with retailers to provide our products for use in additional verticals like tactical and hardware. While PPE is necessary in most industrial spaces, it is also useful and even needed off the job site and at home.

The hazards that people face are not exclusive to work environments. Excessive heat, flying debris, and loud noises are factors that can appear when one is enjoying a hobby or working on home maintenance. With no OSHA to mandate its use, many people do this work without proper protection and put themselves in danger. We’ve compiled a list of five types of PPE that homeowners should have at their disposal.

At-Home PPE

Protective eyewear

12.1 vgt drop zoneThere are many everyday activities and hobbies that would benefit from safety eyewear. In fact, being outside is reason alone to wear protective glasses as the sun’s UV rays can cause damage to eyes and vision. Pyramex offers many of our bestselling glasses in outdoor options that block up to 93% of visible light transmission. Safety eyewear not only keeps your eyes safe from harmful rays but also allows you to see better in sunny conditions.

Safety glasses should also be worn in home maintenance situations and even while practicing hobbies. They’re an essential part of a gun range kit, and should also be used in woodworking, metalworking, and other endeavors. The #SpecSquad community of woodworkers wears the Monitor to protect their eyes while practicing their craft.


9-14 agGloves are another form of PPE that should be kept around the house. Dipped gloves protect wearers from harmful chemicals found in some cleaners, bug repellent, and other household items. They also allow for an enhanced grip in slippery situations.

Leather gloves are great for use in gardening and the handling of materials that might puncture a hand such as cleaning up glass or sharp plastic fragments. They are ideal for yard work and working with tools.

Cooling gear

Heat exhaustion and related illnesses do not discriminate against those outside for work or those outside for pleasure. Working outside or in areas that are not well ventilated like an attic or basement can lead to medical repercussions. The use of cooling products like hats and moisture-wicking towels can reduce the risk of complications and keep people comfortable. Here are some other tips to help you beat the heat.


Hearing protection       

Jobsites are not the only places loud noises can occur. Everyday activities can create noise levels well above the safety threshold. Noise control strategies can help mitigate risks of hearing damage or loss. The easiest strategy to employ is to have hearing protection like earplugs or earmuffs on hand to use when in noisy situations such as yard maintenance. Lawnmowers can emit noise at a level of 90 dB while chainsaws can reach 109 dB.

Whether at home or on the job, safety should always be a top priority. Keeping simple PPE products in the home can help avoid injury while working in the yard, enjoying a day on the water, or doing basic home maintenance. Products like those mentioned above can be purchased through Pyramex authorized distributors as well as at-home improvement and big box stores.

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