Gun Range Essentials: What to Take Shooting

The pandemic has had an interesting effect on gun ranges. On the one hand, 2020 was a record year for gun sales and lane separation made it a socially distanced activity. On the other, using rented guns and safety equipment is not exactly sanitary. For this reason, people have taken a “bring your own” approach to time at the gun range.

Whether you’re a shooting novice or an avid sportsman, it is important to bring the right tools with you to the gun range. Some items may differ based on whether you are heading to an indoor range or outdoor range. What you bring will also vary based on the rules of the specific range. The guide below lists the basics of what you’ll want on hand as you practice your shot.

Gun Range Essentials

Weaponry: Obviously the most important thing to take with you to the gun range is your weapon. Make sure you can transport it safely and in accordance with the law. You should also bring ammo with you. Many gun ranges sell ammo to their customers but bringing your own means you don’t have to rely on them to have what you need. If you want to support them, call to ensure they have the ammo and targets you want before you arrive there. Make sure to follow the establishment’s guidelines on what type of ammo is and isn’t allowed.


PPE: Aside from your weapon and ammo, safety equipment is the most important thing to have in your gun range bag. That starts with eye protection.

You’ll want to choose eyewear that is specially made to withstand shell casings and other flying debris. All Venture Gear Tactical eyewear meets US Military High Impact Standards (MIL-PRF-32432) to provide premium quality and protection.

Along with safety glasses, you will also need hearing protection. Most firearms create noise 140 dB and greater. This is well above the acceptable noise exposure level of 85 dB. Based on user need, there a variety of options for hearing protection. Pyramex and Venture Gear offer solutions from Bluetooth-enabled earmuffs to disposable foam earplugs.

IMG_9578Proper attire: Dressing properly is important for your time at the gun range. If practicing for the job or a specific event, wear your uniform so that you know exactly how you’ll move in the clothes. Otherwise, opt for comfortable clothing and sturdy closed-toe shoes. If outdoors, make sure you have weather-appropriate attire. Hot brass can bounce into V-necks, so dress accordingly.

Other items:

While the three items listed above are the most crucial for your trip to the range, these other items may also be helpful:

  • Emergency Injury Kit
  • Targets
  • Shot Timer
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Thumb Loader
  • D-Lead Wipes

Learn more about the Venture Gear and Venture Gear Tactical brand and our product offerings from eyewear to hearing protection to inclusive shooting kits. Shop them at a retailer near you!

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