Don't Cover Up: Hi-Vis Winter Workwear Solutions

Workers don’t just wear hi-vis to recognize each other. They wear them to keep them visible to potential hazards like heavy machinery and cars. Hi-vis clothing reduces needed reaction time by 2.1 seconds, savings the lives of countless workers. As the weather cools down, hi-vis shirts and bandanas will no longer provide enough warmth for workers. Luckily, there are several options that will keep workers warm while still keeping them visible. Here are some of our favorite hi-vis winter workwear solutions.

7 Best-Selling Hi-Vis Winter Workwear Solutions


1Great to layer under a hi-vis jacket in the event the weather gets hotter or as stand-alone in transitional seasons, the RLTS31 series long sleeve t-shirt provides Type R-Class 3 visibility (learn more about hi-vis classifications in this post) and is made from lightweight polyester with moisture-wicking technology to help keep sweat away from your body. This shirt also features silver reflective tape, has a convenient front pocket, and is rated UPF 30+. The RLTS31 comes in standard hi-vis lime as well as hi-vis and hi-vis orange featuring a black panel over the stomach.


The hi-vis lime insulated vest provides excellent visibility, Type R-Class 2, in both day and night conditions thanks to its bright color and reflective striping. It is a great option to wear over a hi-vis shirt to help maintain visibility or add extra warmth. The vest comes in hi-vis lime on one side and black 270g quilted lining. Each side has two handwarmer pockets for extra warmth. When reversed, the dark color absorbs sunlight for optimal temperature regulation. The dark color also hides dirt and dust. The dark side does not meet ANSI standards.


Hi-vis sweatshirts are another great option for transitional weather. The Type R-Class 3, RSSH32 series pull-over sweatshirt is made with 100% polyester 280 gsm fleece. It comes in hi-vis lime and has black over the stomach and on the wrists. The sweatshirt features reflective striping, a large front pocket, and black bottom on the front. The hood is meshed lined with an adjustable pull cord and the wrists and waist fit snugly thanks to the elastic band. If you prefer a zippered front option, the RSZH32 series has a similar look to this sweatshirt but zips in the front and has an additional pocket.


The RJ31 series jacket also comes in both hi-vis lime and hi-vis orange and meets ANSI Type R-Class 3. It is made with a water-resistant, Teflon® treated, polyester shell with quilted lining – perfect to combat winter weather. The chest features a cell phone/radio pocket with a clear outside panel, mic tabs, and a pencil pocket. The total pocket count is four. Elastic bands at the wrist and waist give it a comfortable fit and keep the cold out. Like many of our hi-vis winter workwear solutions, it features a black stomach and wrists to hide dirt and grime.

7Pyramex offers several parka options, including the RPB36 series. This Type R-Class 3 outer parka has a waterproof polyester shell with quilted lining – treated with Teflon®. It also features non-connected reflective striping and interior zipper access for print customization. The concealed detachable hood has a drawstring and adjustment slack. The front is a dual zipper closure with a hook and loop storm flap. Additional features include elastic bands at the wrist, badge lanyard, D-ring hook, two mic tabs, and drawstring around the bottom. The inner layer can be removed and worn as a jacket on its own. 

8If you need hi-vis winter workwear solutions for full-body, try our winter bib. It is weather-resistant and features a quilted interior for warmth, plus it meets ANSI Type R-Class E standards. While most of the bib is hi-vis lime, the knees are made in a heavy-duty black material to hide dirt. An elastic waist and adjustable suspenders help workers get the perfect fit. Additional features include boot zippers with a storm flap, a zipper fly front, two tool pockets, and a hammer loop.


WINTER HI VIS OPTIONSSince body heat leaves through exposed skin, covering your head can help you retain warmth. A knit cap is one of the hi-vis winter workwear solutions to keep you warm and visible. These hats come in both hi-vis lime and hi-vis orange and feature a reflective stripe. 

If workers choose to wear their own outerwear, visibility can be increased with a reflective armband. These one-size-fits-all bands come in hi-vis lime and hi-vis orange and feature silver reflective striping. 

No matter which of the hi-vis winter workwear solutions you choose, you are making the right choice for your safety! If you need help deciding between options, our customer service team is happy to help. 

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